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Water and Stone

Water & Stone


Duration ~ 8:00

Program Notes:


Death Valley National Park.

The vastness of the seemingly barren landscape of Death Valley National Park enveloped me as I drove an hour to reach my destination. The road, merely a tiny ribbon on the sandy terrain. My residency in late Winter 2020 offered me a rare glimpse of this diverse and amazing landscape. A big storm had passed through the park two days prior to my arrival resulting in a chain of lakes on the valley floor, reflecting the sky and canyon walls. The road was littered with debris. Renowned for its hot and dry climate, water has shaped this landscape. Its sculpting is visible on every cliff face and along every path. Ephemeral flows and pools of water enable a broad ecosystem of plants and animals to survive.

Leading the listener on a journey of time, Water and Stone explores the nature of water in shaping this stark and beautiful place.


Christina Rusnak 2020


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Cover Art: Christina Rusnak

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