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If you want to sign up for quarterly updates, or want to learn more about a piece, if you are interested in commissioning or a presentation, or just want to say hi, please contact me!

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Who can commission music?  ANYONE! An original piece of music can be created for a concert, a CD, to commemorate an event or as a personal gift.


How does it work?  Just contact me!  Budgets can be flexible and various forms of funding sources exist. Many variables, such the length, the instrumentation, and the scope and essence of the piece can affect its cost. Consortium commissioning enables each patron/ensemble with credit for commissioning the work while providing a wider range of audience performances. Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide,  https://www.newmusicusa.org/about/resources/ is downloadable from New Music USA


I’ve been commissioned by individuals, performing ensembles and even a State Park! Collaborating on a common vision for a piece is one of my favorite aspects of composing. 

By nature, I’m an Explorer and that innate curiousity infuses everything I do, including composing and working with arts organizations and communities. I’m available forbookings for presentations, residencies, educational workshops, and music curating.


I present a series of talks regarding how composers create music from (what are thought of as) visual sources, including  “How Composers Create Music from Parks and Wilderness”, “How Composers Create Music from Art and Architecture”, and “How Music Act as an Advocate” for both Contemporary Music and for our Natural and Cultural Heritage places we compose about


As a cultural catalyst, I work as a researcher and creator in multiple capacities. at the intersection of Music, Art, People and Place.. Through this lens,  I provide guidance to arts organizations and communities for visioning, planning, creative placemaking, programming, and audience (visitor) experience.

You can now purchase scores online! Go to the MUSIC page to see about specific pieces. I’m adding more to the site all the time so please contact me if you don’t see what you’re looking for!



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