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Composer Christina Rusnak seeks to integrate a sense of context into her music from a variety of sources including landscape, culture, history and art. Her concert music includes chamber ensemble, orchestra, wind band, choral and solo pieces as well as  jazz, and electro-acoustic works.


Her collaborative projects include composing for short film, consulting and curation, and partnering in land art installations. She is eager to explore new challenges. Her goal is to compose music that is engaging and thought provoking.


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More about me..

Latest Adventures…

FLEX & ADAPTABLE Pieces for Winds

My summer was spent working with CREATIVE REPERTOIRE INITIATIVE, and LEADING TONES MUSIC to create five new arrangements for wind band students from Elementary through early College 

Small Organisms, Alaudidae, Fanfare for Brass Quintet, The Coast in Winter, & Hyas Tyee Təmwata

I’ve been working with AND WE WERE HEARD who is working to bring many composers’ flex pieces to life partnering with colleges and universities across the country.

See Music page for details 

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