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Rosalie er ses Meubles Fidèles

Rosalie er ses Meubles Fidèles


Duration ~ 5:00

Program Notes:


Rosalie is dispossessed, her furniture confiscated to be sold and then she is thrown out.  After the auction, while she is wandering disconsolately along the streets, she comes across her recent possessions, stacked up outside of a second-hand dealer’s shop. As she tearfully walks by, the faithful furniture begins to follow. The piano runs the whole scale, and the chairs fairly dance for joy. Down the street runs Rosalie, and after her flies the furniture. Two paintings lead the procession with her bed, table, chairs with the piano bringing up the rear. Rosalie leads the smitten furniture to her old flat, where the whole suite triumphantly hops up the stairs and assume their old positions in her room.


This music was composed for the restoration of this 1911 film as part of the Cinema’s First Nasty Women Project and Carleton University, Canada.


  – Christina Rusnak 2021