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Pine Meadow

Pine Meadow


Duration ~ 6 minutes

Program Notes:


Pine Meadow Ranch is, and has been, a part of the rural Oregon landscape for over 100 years. For the last several decades, the 260-acre ranch was ranched, farmed and cared for by aviatrix and rodeo stalwart Dorro Sokol. Sold in 2017, the ranch  continues to operate as a working ranch and is developing and expanding arts, agricultural and ecological projects using the assets of the property. I focused on the rhythms and timbres of this place, of rural life in a western state. The piece begins with the forest, and its historical inhabitants. Followed by the arrival of the settlers, who clear land and build homes and farms to prove their homesteads. The rhythms of this place are set into motion. Fences are constructed; barns are raised; pastures are watered. Wool is woven, cows are milked, bottles are delivered.  All against the rhythm of the forest, the rivers and the mountains.

Funding for Pine Meadow Residency made possible by the Roundhouse Foundation. Recording made possible by the Regional Arts and Culture Council of Portland.





Recording available ~ May 2023.


–  Christina Rusnak 2022




A motley mix of standard percussion instruments as well as many percussive items found on a dairy ranch.


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