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Life Across the Sea

Life Across the Sea


Duration ~ 11:30

Program Notes:


Life Across the Sea unfolds as the story of human migration; how the values and beliefs of our present are impacted and shaped by the values and ethos of the immigrants who came to America and created a life far from home. Living in a region of the country with strict environmental protection laws, Life Across the Sea specifically explores the connection between the ecological philosophy of many Americans today, with the environmental values and beliefs of Scandinavian and Nordic immigrants from the 19th and early 20th centuries.


Inspired by the culture, communities and ancient folk songs of the entire Nordic region, I began with my interpretation of their values, and integrated into my themes an amalgamation of fragmented folk melodies as a thread of continuity in weaving the piece.



– Christina Rusnak, 2024



Fl.3 dbl Picc.; Ob.2 dbl EH; Cl. 3; BsCl; Bsn; AS dbl SS; TS; BS;

Hn. 4; Tpt. 3; Trb 2; BsTrb; Euph; Tuba; Piano; Timp; Perc-4; DB



For Parts Rental contact christina@christinarusnak.com


Score Coming Soon!
Score Coming Soon!