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Duration ~ 8:50

Program Notes:


I love to walk by myself. To think, to ponder – to take in all that my senses can absorb. I discover my most open-­minded self when I can just meander and let my imagination do the same. It doesn’t matter if I’m walking in a park, hiking to a waterfall, or in the middle of the city. I composed this piece during the same time frame in which the Highline Park in New York was being created. Upon my first visit, after its completion, I felt that the experience epitomizes the character of the piece. HighLine focuses upon both inspiration and while meandering in an outdoor space. This arrangement was created in 2010 by the amazing jazz arranger, Dave Richards for the University of North Texas Lab Bands.


– Christina Rusnak 2010


Alto, Tenor, Bari Sax, BbTpt – 2, Trb, Guitar, Pno, Fretless Bass, Drums.  Available as bound score + parts


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