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Glacier Blue

Glacier Blue!


Duration ~ 13:45

Program Notes:


Discovering a place as vast and richly diverse as Glacier National Park can be a lifelong endeavor. Each visit brings new vistas, or a variation on previous experiences; layers become evident by the time of day, the change of the seasons -­‐ the light, the sounds, the colors – wet or dry. So in preparation of this piece, I deliberately chose my solo hikes both in spring and in fall, to broaden my experiences. Broken into three movements, the piece concentrates on the physical elements that tie it together – the mountains, sky and water and the color blue.

I. Mountain
II. Sky
III. Water
The mountains appear blue on the horizon; the blue sky morphs during the day and night; glacial ice appears blue because the dense compacted ice of the glacier absorbs all colors except blue. Its disparate elements are unified in an amazing landscape.
      -Christina Rusnak 2017
Cover and Waterfall photography by Christina Rusnak; Mt. Reynolds Milkway by John Ashley. https://www.johnashleyfineart.com
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