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From the Sidewalk

From the Sidewalk


Duration ~ 17:00

Program Notes:


Reality is all based on perspective. At one juncture, multiple realities exist.

Our position relative to the rest of society can dramatically influence our perspective and its subsequent reality.  I was visiting a large city a couple of years ago.  I arrived a few minutes early at a garage where I parked my car.  As I sat on the sidewalk with my backpack, in jeans and a sweatshirt with no make-up, my perception of reality began to alter as nicely attired professionals walked overtly around me; the obviously disenfranchised acknowledged my presence with greetings warm smiles.  I found my attention focused on those individuals around me who I never see.  And for a brief moment, my reality joined with those whose perspective, whose very lives, are “from the sidewalk”.

This multimedia work is derived from a simple song, with lyrics written by Willam Samuel Gregory, an Oregon based poet and playwright. The 17 minute film conceived and directed by Christina Rusnak is filmed by Michael Pina. The performers are comprised of a Mezzo/Lyric Soprano, Violin, Viola and Cello, + two additional wordless actors.


– Christina Rusnak 2005


For complete production information including film, score and script, please contact christina@christinarusnak.com

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