Christina Rusnak | Contemplation
Christina Rusnak is a multifaceted composer whose work reflects a diversity of styles. Actively seeking to integrate geographic and artistic elements into her work, her goal is to compose music that engages the performers as well as the audience.
Christina Rusnak, Composer, Explorer, Music, Outdoors, Exploring with music
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Duration ~ 3:40

Program Notes:

Contemplation, for solo piano, evolved while I was doing just that. Without any programmatic impetus, the piece developed out of motives of various pieces that I either had just finished, was in the midst of creating, or contemplating for the future. The only true quote consists of eight notes from mm 39H42. From which piece, you’ll have to figure out. For intermediate pianists, Contemplation embodies traditional techniques, evokes the past, and its path doesn’t stray very far. And that’s the point. Alone with our thoughts, our contemplations remain our own.

– Christina Rusnak 2018

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