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Landscape Music, Rivers and Trails Series, November 2018, IAWM Journal, Volume 24, No. 2

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Money, Support and the Voice of New Music, April 13, 2016, New Music Box, http://www.newmusicbox.org/articles/money-support-and-the-voice-of-new-music/

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161 Glass:  Site Specific Music in an Artistic Context, Masters’Thesis; Three movement percussion quartet and the study of site specific music in an urban environment. Commissioned for the Dallas Contemporary’s new art space in 2010

Reconstructing Presence:  Human Geography of Brent Phelps’ “On the Trail of Lewis and Clark”, Wandering Scholars, January 2009

50 @ 50: 50 Hikes @ 50 Places of Culture, Essays exploring the integration of physical    geography and human and artistic culture; August 2010 – Present