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Alaudidae for Adaptable Instruments



Duration ~ 1:35-1:50

Program Notes:


Alaudidaeare a family of ground-dwelling songbirds. Most Larks including meadowlarks and skylarks fall into this category. This short piece for Grade 3 performers was composed for the twins of a childhood friend. Light and lyrical, the piece is designed to be performed with some freedom of expression.



Parts 1/1a: Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, or Violin

Parts 2/2a: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, or Viola

Parts 3/3a: Horn, Bass Clarinet, Horn in F, Tenor Saxophone, Trombone or Cello

*Any or all of the instruments may be used for the parts as indicated above (some parts involve slight adjustments suitable for each instrument). Parts 1a, 2a, and 3a are beginners with less experience. This piece also can be performed with any combination of regular and beginner parts.


– Christina Rusnak 2020


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