Christina Rusnak | Passage
Christina Rusnak is a multifaceted composer whose work reflects a diversity of styles. Actively seeking to integrate geographic and artistic elements into her work, her goal is to compose music that engages the performers as well as the audience.
Christina Rusnak, Composer, Explorer, Music, Outdoors, Exploring with music
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Duration ~ 15:00

Program Notes:

Passage was composed without an external impetus. A single movement work, the piece is derived, somewhat organically, from the original musical material itself. Interestingly, the listener does not hear the original motive until two minutes into the piece. Initially written for piano in 2006, Passage was like a caterpillar always intended to emerge as an orchestral butterfly. As I began work on its transformation, two additional melodic motives emerged, which interweaved into a two-minute prelude. These elements assert themselves as secondary motives throughout the piece. Passage in orchestral form remains true to the original piano version, while fleshing out its musical elements, explored through the orchestral palette.



2 Fl (2 dbl Picc), 2 Ob (2 dbl EH), 2 Bb Cl (2 dbl BCl) 2 Bsn,  4 HN in F, 2 Tpts in C, 2 Trb,Tba, Timp, Percussion (4): 1. (Vib, Glock, dbl Cel), 2. (Mar, Celesta), 3. (Sus Cym, HH, Cr Cym, Tr, L-M Tom, dbl Glock) 4. BD, TD, SD, Tpl Bis, Hp, Strings

Available as bound score; parts available for rental, contact

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