Christina Rusnak | Composer and Explorer!
Christina Rusnak is a multifaceted composer whose work reflects a diversity of styles. Actively seeking to integrate geographic and artistic elements into her work, her goal is to compose music that engages the performers as well as the audience.
Composer, explorer, composing in the wilderness, music, conductor, sounds of the wild, hiking
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Welcome to my site!

Composer Christina Rusnak seeks to integrate a sense of context into her music from a variety of sources including landscape, culture, history and art. Her goal is to compose music that is engaging as well as thought provoking.

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See the list of people who contributed my Kickstarter campaign at

Working with 208 Ensemble in Boise Idaho was great!

If you’re in that part of the country, be sure to check them out! Now, I’m working on my new Cello Solo. See a full list of upcoming talks, performances etc in the Activities page.